This module implements Zerynth binding to FatFS C library to handle FAT disks.


mount(path, args)

Register/unregister a file system object to the fatFs module. There is no activity of the physical drive in this function: physical mount process will be attempted during first file access.

Required arguments are:

  • path string, following FatFS path convention:

    path = "0:/" # to mount your drive as volume 0
    generic_file_path = "0:/my/file/path"
  • args dictionary containing disk initialization parameters:

    # correct format for SD Card read through SPI protocol
    args = {"drv": SPI0, "cs": D25, "clock": 1000000}
    # correct format for SD Card read through SD mode
    # (be careful in choosing frequency (kHz) and bits supported by your board)
    args = {"drv": SD1, "freq_khz": 20000, "bits": 1}

File/Directory Access/Management

File/Directory access/management is handled by os module, which needs a filesystem to be mounted and a list of low-level functions implemented in the filesystem module.

  • File Access

    • __f_open
    • __f_close
    • __f_read
    • __f_write
    • __f_seek
    • __f_size
    • __f_tell
    • __f_truncate
    • __f_eof
  • Directory Access

    • __f_opendir
    • __f_closedir
    • __f_readdir
  • File/Directory Management

    • __f_copy
    • __f_unlink
    • __f_rename
    • __f_mkdir
    • __f_chdir
    • __f_getcwd
    • __f_exists
    • __f_isdir
  • Misc

    • get_available_fd_n
    • free_fd_n
    • to_b_mode