Zerynth Device Manager

Zerynth Device Manager is a data aggregation and device management service that speeds up the development of scalable, secure and reliable IoT solutions.

Main features:

  • Devices onboarding and provisioning: enabled with gold-standard security practices;
  • Devices lifecycle control: allowing complex tasks like remote procedure call and over the air updates through REST APIs;
  • Data Management: storage, aggregation, plotting and feeding of data to the final IoT Application;
  • Frontend Interface frameworks integration: developer can deliver the most customized user interface app to end-users.

To start using the Zerynth Device Manager have a look at the following guides:

The following sections describes the Zerynth Device Manager Comand Line Interface integrated in the Zerynth SDK and the Zerynth Client Library that can be downloaded vìa Python pip install or from our Github repo.