This module contains class definitions to read and write the MCU internal flash

The FlashFileStream class

class FlashFileStream(start_address, size)

This class creates an in memory buffer of size size bytes that is filled with the content of the internal flash starting from address start_address

Subsequent operations of read and write are performed on the memory buffer. To actually write the memory buffer to the internal flash a call to flush() is needed.

The memory buffer can also be accessed via bracket notation. The following is valid syntax:

f = flash.FlashFileStream(0x0800000,512)
f[0] = 1
x = f[10:20]

Writes the content of buf at the current file position, checking for overflow.


Read 4 bytes at the current position and return the corresponding 32 bit integer.


Write the memory buffer to flash. It can be VERY slow because the sector(s) of flash interested by the write operation must be erased first.


Free memory buffer