Board Support Package

The connectivity drivers are supported in the BSP package of the board, Connectivity drivers include Ethernet, Wifi, GSM. You can use the bsp package to use the appropriate connectivity driver, without worrying about the driver type. (as long as the board has a conectivity chip on-board) For instance:

from bsp.drivers import wifi


interface = wifi.interface()"SSID",interface.WIFI_WPA2 ,"PASSWORD")

And these lines will automatically run on each board’s hardware, given that it has a wifi driver. For example, a Simple HTTP Time request:

# import streams
import streams
import json

# import the wifi interface
from bsp.drivers import wifi

# import the http module
import requests


# init the wifi driver!

interface = wifi.interface()

# use the wifi interface to link to the Access Point
# change network name, security and password as needed
print("Establishing Link...")
    # FOR THIS EXAMPLE TO WORK, "Network-Name" AND "Wifi-Password" MUST BE SET
except Exception as e:
    print("ooops, something wrong while linking :(", e)
    while True:

## let's try to connect to to get the current UTC time
for i in range(3):
        print("Trying to connect...")
        # go get that time!
        # url resolution and http protocol handling are hidden inside the requests module
        response = requests.get("")
        # let's check the http response status: if different than 200, something went wrong
        print("Http Status:",response.status)
        # if we get here, there has been no exception, exit the loop
    except Exception as e:
    # check status and print the result
    #if response.status==200:
    print("And the result is:",response.content)
    js = json.loads(response.content)
except Exception as e:
    print("ooops, something very wrong! :(",e)

GSM and Ethernet could be used in the same way, For instance for the Ethernet:

from bsp.drivers import eth
interface = eth.interface()

GSM and Ethernet could be used in the same way, For instance for the GSM:

from bsp.drivers import gsm

List of supported boards

board Connectivity peripheral supported
Adafruit Feather Huzzah Wifi and Ethernet
Arduino MKR1000 Wifi
MXChip IoT DevKit AZ3166 Wifi
DOIT Esp32 DevKit v1 Wifi and Ethernet
ESP32 Azure IoT Kit Wifi and Ethernet
ESP32 DevkitC Wifi and Ethernet
ESP32 Ethernetkit Wifi and Ethernet
ESP32 Pico V4 Wifi and Ethernet
Firebeetle ESP32 Wifi and Ethernet
Helios Control Board v1 Wifi and Ethernet
Heltec Wi-Fi Kit 32 Wifi and Ethernet
AWS Hexagon v1 Wifi and Ethernet
NodeMCU ESP-32S Wifi and Ethernet
Oddwires IO Wifi and Ethernet
oddwires Proteus Wifi and Ethernet
Olimex Esp32 EVB Wifi and Ethernet
Olimex Esp32 Gateway Wifi and Ethernet
Polaris 2G GSM
Polaris 3G GSM
Polaris NB-IoT GSM
PSoC6 WiFi-Bt Pioneer Wifi
Pycom FiPy 1.0 Wifi and Ethernet
Pycom WiPy 3.0 Wifi and Ethernet
Riverdi IoT Display Wifi and Ethernet
Sparkfun ESP32 Thing Wifi and Ethernet
Wemos ESP32 OLED Wifi and Ethernet
XinaBox CW02 (ESP32) Wifi and Ethernet
xmc4700_relaxkit Y Ethernet
Infineon XMC4700 Relax Ethernet