MD5 secure hash

This module implements the interface to MD5 secure hash algorithm. It is used in the same way as all crypto hash modules: an instance of the MD5 class is created, then feed this object with arbitrary strings/bytes using the update() method, and at any point you can ask it for the digest of the concatenation of the strings fed to it so far.

The MD5 class

class MD5

This class allows the generation of MD5 hashes. It is thread safe.


Update the md5 object with the string data. Repeated calls are equivalent to a single call with the concatenation of all the arguments: m.update(a); m.update(b) is equivalent to m.update(a+b).


Return the digest of the strings passed to the update method so far. This is a 16-byte bytes object.


Like digest except the digest is returned as a string of length 32, containing only hexadecimal digits.