XinaBox SW10

This SW10 xChip is a temperature-to-digital converter using an on-chip band gap temperature sensor and Sigma-Delta A-to-D conversion technique with an over-temperature detection output. It is capable of measuring ambient temperature ranging from -55°C to +125°C. It is based on the LM75 manufactured by Texas Instruments.

Please note, SW10 and all other xChips is currently only supported in Zerynth Studio with XinaBox CW02. Review the Quick Start guide for interfacing xChips.

Technical Details


  • I2C-bus interface with up to 8 devices on the same bus
  • Temperature range from -55°C to +125°C
  • Frequency range 20 Hz to 400 kHz with bus fault time-out to prevent hanging up the bus
  • Programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis set points
  • Supply current of 1.0 µA in shutdown mode for power conservation
  • Stand-alone operation as thermostat at power-up