DLH Module

This module contains the Zerynth driver for Amphenol DLH pressure sensors series. These calibrated and compensated sensors provide accurate, stable output over a wide temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases and the like.

The driver implements SPI communication.

DLH Class

class DLH(spidrv, cs, d_or_g, clock=2000000)

Creates an intance of the DLH class.

  • spidrv – SPI Bus used ‘( SPI0, ... )’
  • cs – GPIO to be used as Carrier Select
  • d_or_g – specifies DLH type D (differential) or G (absolute) sensor. can be one of TYPE_D or TYPE_G constants
  • clock – spi clock to be used

Temperature and pressure values can be easily obtained from the sensor:

from amphenol.dlh import dlh


d = dlh.DLH(SPI0, D10, dlh.TYPE_D)

press, temp = d.get_values(unit=dlh.UNIT_PASCAL)
get_values(mode=MODE_SINGLE, unit=UNIT_INH20)

Return a 2-element tuple containing current pressure and temperature values. The acquisition mode can be specified with one of:

  • MODE_AVG16

The unit of measure of pressure can be specified in:

  • UNIT_INH20
  • UNIT_CMH20