The HTS221 is an ultra-compact sensor for relative humidity and temperature. It includes a sensing element and a mixed signal ASIC to provide the measurement information through digital serial interfaces.

The sensing element consists of a polymer dielectric planar capacitor structure capable of detecting relative humidity variations and is manufactured using a dedicated ST process; more information at STMicroelectronics dedicated page

Technical Details

  • Supply Voltage (Vdd): from 1.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Operation Temperature (Top): from -40 °C to 120 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C, 15 to +40 °C
  • Low Power Consumption: 2 uA @ 1 Hz ODR
  • Selectable ODR: from 1 Hz to 12.5 Hz
  • High rH Sensitivity: 0.004% rH/LSB
  • Humidity Accuracy: ± 3.5% rH, 20 to +80% rH
  • Embedded 16-bit ADC
  • SPI and I²C interfaces

Here below, the Zerynth driver for the STMicroelectronics HTS221.