Sitronix ST7735

The ST7735 is a single-chip controller/driver for 262K-color, graphic type TFT-LCD. It consists of 396 source line and 162 gate line driving circuits. This chip is capable of connecting directly to an external microprocessor, and accepts Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 8-bit/9-bit/16-bit/18-bit parallel interface. Display data can be stored in the on-chip display data RAM of 132 x 162 x 18 bits. It can perform display data RAM read/write operation with no external operation clock to minimize power consumption. In addition, because of the integrated power supply circuits necessary to drive liquid crystal, it is possible to make a display system with fewer components. Sitronix dedicated page.

Technical Details

  • Non-volatile (memory to store initial register setting
  • I/O Voltage (VDDI to DGND): 1.65V~VDD
  • Analog Voltage (VDD to AGND): 2.6V~3.3V
  • Source Outputs: 128/132 RGB channels
  • Gate Outputs: 160/162 channels
  • Line inversion, frame inversion
  • Full Color: 262K, RGB=(666)
  • Color Reduce: 8-color, RGB=(111)

Here below, the Zerynth driver for the Sitronix ST7735.