IBM Cloud Watson IoT LibraryΒΆ

IBM Watson IoT Platform is a fully-managed, multi-tenant, cloud-hosted service. Capabilities include:

  • Connection of a wide spectrum of IoT devices
  • IoT device registration and management
  • Ability for devices and applications to produce and consume events in near-real-time
  • Dashboard/console for each service
  • Integration at the application level
  • Use of the industry standard MQTT and HTTP protocols for device connectivity
  • Device-Cloud authentication, and application authentication

The Cloud Service also enables analytics on the data from connected devices. It uses a simple rules-based composition model and an extensible framework to help organizations access IoT data, combine it with master asset data, analyze events and data in context, and automate responses to help improve operations and service levels (Service Description).

Here below, the Zerynth Library to manage your devices thanks to IBM Watson IoT: