Amazon Web Services IoT Default Credentials

The Zerynth AWS IoT Default Credentials module is useful to achieve a zero-time startup for your AWS IoT project powered by Zerynth.

It makes it really simple to load connection credentials, which could be stored on flash or in a secure element, by means of a single call to the load() function.


This function returns:

  • AWS IoT endpoint for the device to connect to;
  • device Mqtt ID;
  • client certificate to be sent to AWS;
  • device private key.

Endpoint and Mqtt ID are retrieved from the thing.conf.json configuration file which has to be put in the project and filled like this:

    "endpoint": "",
    "mqttid": "mymqttid"

Client certificate is retrieved from certificate.pem.crt file which must be put in the project, too. On the other hand the private key can be retrieved from different sources depending on the presence of the ZERYNTH_HWCRYPTO_ATECCx08A define inside the Zerynth project project.yml file.

  • without ZERYNTH_HWCRYPTO_ATECCx08A, the private key is taken from private.pem.key file put in the project and stored on flash (unsafe for production purposes)

  • with ZERYNTH_HWCRYPTO_ATECCx08A, the private key is stored inside a secure element, returned private key is an empty string and the thing.conf.json needs extra configuration fields:

        "crypto_drv": 0 # I2C the secure element is connected to, 0 for I2C0
        "crypto_addr": 88, # I2C address of the secure element
        "crypto_clock": 100000, # I2C clock (Hz) of the secure element
        "crypto_slot": 2 # slot of the secure element where the private key is stored