A workspace represents a project containing fleets of devices. The main attributes of a workspace are:

  • uid a unique id provided by the ZDM with the workspace creation command
  • name a name given by the user to the workspace in order to identify it
  • description a string given by the user to describe the project

At your first log in, a ‘default’ workspace containing a ‘default’ fleet will be created.

List of workspace commands:

The list of supported devices is available here

List workspaces

To see the list of all your workspaces, use the command:

zdm workspace all

You will see a table containing your workspaces with ID, name, description, fleets and devices

Get workspace

To get a single workspace information, you can use this command:

zdm workspace get uid

where uid is the workspace uid.

Create workspace

To create a new workspace on the ZDM use the command:

zdm workspace create name

where name is the name that you want to give to your new workspace

You can also insert a description of your workspace adding the option --description desc

List firmwares

To have a list of the firmwares you uploaded to the ZDM associated to a workspace use the command:

zdm workspace firmwares uid

where uid is the uid of the workspace.